Charles Francis Annesley Voysey (1857-1941)

Unexecuted Projects


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1882-84, South Devon Sanatorium, Teignmouth.jpg
 South Devon Sanatorium,

1884, Design for a crematorium at Sundrum, Ayr.jpg
Design for a crematorium
 at Sundrum, Ayr

1885, Artist's Cottage.jpg
c. 1885,
Artist's Cottage

 1885, Design for a cottage,.jpg
1885, Designs for a cottage, plans.jpg
c. 1885,
Design for a cottage, plans


1898, House at Oxshott, for C. S. Loch,.jpg

House at Oxshott,
 for C. S. Loch



Voysey, 1889, House at Dovercourt for Ward, published in Dekorative Kunst, Vol. 1, 1898.jpg


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