St Fagan's Road, Fairwater, on the outskirts of Cardiff,

South Glamorgan, Wales.


For W. Hastings Watson.


Stables 1904.

Alterations since Voysey's time.


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RIBA Drawings Collection



 RIBA Drawings Collection




Ty Bronna, Saint Fagan's, Glamorgan, Wales, Photograph Courtauld Institute of Art



Photo Courtauld Institute of Art



Photo by living room on flickr



Photo by living room on flickr





Photo by locus imagination on flickr



Photo by living room on flickr



Photo by locus imagination on flickr



Photo by living room on flickr



Photo by locus imagination on flickr



Photo Courtauld Institute of Art



Ty Bronna, photo by living room on flickr



Ty Bronna, stable block (1904), photo by living_room on flickr


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Link > Design for Ty-Bronna, St Fagan's Road, Fairwater, Cardiff, for Hastings Watson:
            plan, elevations and section of the stable block
(design II),
            RIBA Drawings Collection.


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www.cadw.wales.gov.uk Forty-Seventh Annual Report 2002–03

Ty Bronna, Cardiff

Ty Bronna is a Grade II* listed building on the outskirts of Cardiff.

It was built in 1903–06 for Hastings Watson and was the only

house in Wales designed by C. F. A.Voysey, the important and

influential domestic architect.The architect’s original designs survive.

There are some differences between these and the completed

building.The house has three storeys and is clad in roughcast render

with ashlar stone surrounds framing intricate steel casement windows.

The house was converted for hospital and then ambulance service

use in the mid-twentieth century but when it first came before the

Council in 1998 it was unoccupied and derelict and had suffered

from theft and vandalism. Subsequently it was damaged by a fire,

but the view was taken that it was still possible to repair and restore

the building.

Recognizing its importance, the Council recommended grant for

emergency works to protect the building from the elements while

a scheme of restoration was prepared. Further grant to the owners,

the Cadwyn Housing Association, facilitated the restoration of the

property.The works have now been completed and the result is an

important building once more being used for housing.



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