Now known as 'Ropes and Bollards'.

Ropes Lane, Fernhurst,


For Mrs E. F. Chester.


1919 extended on the S side; 1949 divided into two.


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Voysey, Oakhurst, photo meisterdrucke.com


 published in David Gebhard, Charles F. A. Voysey, fig. 89, p. 147.
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Elevations and section,
published in Wendy Hitchmough, C F A Voysey, p. 174.
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RIBA Drawings Collection



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Photo on savills.com



Photo on savills.com



Vernacular example for a double gable roof at an early 17th-century house at Treowen

Treowen House, 17th-century,
Photo by Jessica Aidley, geograph.org.uk. (Wikipedia)

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Link > https://www.historichouses.org/houses/house-listing/treowen.html



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The Builder's Journal & Architectural Record, XIII, 1901, pp. 37 & 44.

House and Garden, III, 1903, pp. 258-259.



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