Design for a Burial Ground,
 Helenenthal, near Iglau (now the Helenin suburb of Jihlava in what is now the Czech Republic),
 for Dr. Karl Löw.


Image published in The British Architect, 6th December 1912.



Text published in The British Architect, 6th December 1912, p.388.


The tomb was built in 1912 by German sculptor and medalist Felix Georg Pfeifer.

According to Tony Peart the design illustrated in The British Architect was not selected (it looks like a hugely expensive undertaking) so perhaps the one executed is a second, simpler design. As this was a joint project, only the basic structure of the stonework can be attributed to Voysey. Everything else would appear to be the work of the sculptor, Felix Georg Pfeifer.

For the the executed tomb see www.picuki.com (Photo on Instagram).

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